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martes, 23 de julio de 2013

Sentinel Pass, Lake Moraine and Lake Eiffel

Escapando el finde during a nice Sunday went for a hike to Banff National Park to make two beautiful trails,  1º Lake Moraine plus Sentinel Pass and 2º Lake Eiffel.

In this time escapando el finde was with the Matracas ( Daniel and Dorota), Carlos and Carla. We went close to Lake Louise in a classic hike , pretty crowded but with amazing panoramic views of the Rockies.

After a nice hike to Sentinel Pass during 2,5 hours and 700 meters of elevation we decided on our way back to make a loops to the Eiffel Lake in about 1,5 hours. The most excited thing during this nice hike was that we saw a grizzly bear just 3 meters above us in the trail, so we had some moments of panic but was really cool.

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