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domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Trailrunning, Monsacro

Escapando el finde estuvo de trailrunning por el Monsacro, Asturias. Junto con dos amigos Zurdo y Kike, estuvimos mas de aventura que de running  buscando un recorrido bonito para futuras salidas.
Saliendo desde Santa Eulalia de Morcin, la ruta es una circular muy bonita y con bastante desnivel, unos 1130 positivo para tan solo 13km. En el alto del Monsacro hay dos sorpresas y una vistas sorprendente.

Escapando el finde, doing a nice trailrunning route in the Monsacro mountain, Asturias, Spain. With two friends Zurdo and Kike, we went for an adventure trailrunning day tracking a beautiful route for future trailrunning days.
This route begins from the little town of Santa Eulalia de Morcin, it is a circular route with 1130 meters of elevation gain for only 13km. On the very top of the Monsacro the views are surprising and you will find two little things.....

Track   SUUNTO


lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Suarias Blincapeñas 2014, Asturias

Escapando el finde,  during the past Sunday, was taking part on this crazy trailrunning race SUARIAS BLINCAPEÑAS 2014 in Suarias, Asturias, Spain.

Escapando el finde with two great friends, Joso and Kike, went to this hard race in Suarias. The weather and terrain were really complicated and technical. During the race we run with rain, snow, mud and slippery terrain. The distance was a halfmarathon therefor 21km but the elevation gain was sick , over 1900 meters according with my suunto gps watch.

The race was really well organized with 3 checkpoints with food and liquids and lots of volunteers. After the finish line the town prepared a big and excellent meal  for everybody

Here the track of this great race    SUARIAS BLINCAPEÑAS 2014

Suarias Blincapeñas 2014

Elevation gain:  1900 aprox
Elevation descent: 1900 aprox

Km: 21,1

Level: Very hard and technical.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

La Cabrera + La Pedriza Madrid

Escapando el finde during the past weekend was climbing in Madrid with Juli ( sister makana) and Rafa. Nice weather to climb this two easy and fun trad climbing routes, La Calavera al Yelmo ( La Pedriza) and El Espolon Manolin (La Cabrera).

Escapando el finde was with this amaizing climbing couple having fun in this two different places to climb close to Madrid city.

El Espolon Manolin (La Cabrera) is a trad climbing route with a difficulty  5.8 / V+  and six pitches, total 215 meters.
La Calavera al Yelmo (La Pedriza) is a trad slab climbing route with a difficulty 5.7 / V and 4 pitches, total 170 meters.

sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Chester Lake, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Escapando el finde was, during the past Sunday, in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kanansskis Country doing the hike to Chester Lake.

Chester Lake is one of the most famous hike in Alberta so in the Rockies. Is an easy and short hike, no more than 9k round trip. It has a great scenic once you pass the woods and walk trough the meadows.

Here is the track so you can check how to get to the parking lodge from where you start this hike.


viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Ha Ling, Canmore

Escapando el finde was a couple of weeks ago hiking to the summit of the Ha Ling Peak very close to Canmore.

This Ha Ling peak is a really short hike no more than 3 hours round trip but is pretty steep and with beautifull views of Canmore city and the valley. The trailhead starts from the parking lodge call Goat Creek Parking just east of Canmore followinf the Spray Lake road.

Escapando el finde decided,  after a great trailrun halmarathon race at the Nordic Center and with nice day, to hike this famous, easy and crowded hike in Canmore.


miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Mount Fable, Kananaskis Country.

Escapando el finde was this past weekend and after a big snow storm in Mount Fable, trying to reach the top, but was impossible.

Escapando el finde was with Ali, Jody and Jeff hiking this not too common scramble. This is a nice and really long hike because it takes more than 10 hours round trip. We have lot of snow and because of that we could not scramble the final slab cover with more than 15cm. The views from the top are beautiful.

We did the easy route following the creek north from Lac de Arc during 6km and then turning nortwest for another 3k and finally to scramble the southwest face to the peak. There are two other routes but you will need rope and harness to save a 5.5 step.

Elevation gain 1350 meters
Difficulty: moderate-high, but not technical.
Distance 20km aprox
Location: Exshaw Creek, near Lac de Arc, Kananaskis Country Lac des Arc.

Here the track of the day. SUUNTO TRACK

lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Mount Fairview

Escapando el finde was this past weekend in Lake Louise, Banff National Park.

The weather was perfect during the two days so after one climbing the next we decided to do the Mount Fairview. Escapando el finde was with Evelina, Eli, Rafa, Dana and Alba camping in Lake Louise campground, excellent place to stay.

We the Mount Fairview hike, starts from the parking lodge of Lake Louise. It is  hard because you gain 1000m in just 5km, so is short and steep. The name of the peak is great because after the effort you will have magnificent views of Mount Temple and Mount Victoria with their glaciers. On the way back, take is easy because is a scramble with some scree sections and could be pretty crowded.