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lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Suarias Blincapeñas 2014, Asturias

Escapando el finde,  during the past Sunday, was taking part on this crazy trailrunning race SUARIAS BLINCAPEÑAS 2014 in Suarias, Asturias, Spain.

Escapando el finde with two great friends, Joso and Kike, went to this hard race in Suarias. The weather and terrain were really complicated and technical. During the race we run with rain, snow, mud and slippery terrain. The distance was a halfmarathon therefor 21km but the elevation gain was sick , over 1900 meters according with my suunto gps watch.

The race was really well organized with 3 checkpoints with food and liquids and lots of volunteers. After the finish line the town prepared a big and excellent meal  for everybody

Here the track of this great race    SUARIAS BLINCAPEÑAS 2014

Suarias Blincapeñas 2014

Elevation gain:  1900 aprox
Elevation descent: 1900 aprox

Km: 21,1

Level: Very hard and technical.

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